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Welcome to Savoy Tailors and dry cleaners in Birmingham!

Rich in experience and tradition, Savoy Tailors means accomplished dressmaking and Dry Cleaning at affordable prices. Whether you need a new dress or other garment or any kind of alteration, it's worth getting to know us to find out what we can do for you. You'll soon notice how much we care about our work from key cutting and watch repairs and dry cleaning and clothing alterations!

Clothing Alterations

Tailor at Castle Bromwich, Your alterations shop in Birmingham, changes, sews and works in all ways possible on textiles, fabrics and clothing items for you.

About us

For expert tailoring at reasonable rates, Tailor at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham is the place to go. We have been in business for the past twenty years and have been providing Birmingham residents and beyond with quality alterations and repairs on all types of garments. We specialize in bridal and formal occasion tailoring. Make sure your dress or suit fits perfect for your next special event!

Widening Dress Alterations

For expert Wedding Dresses tailoring at reasonable rates, Savoy Tailors at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham is the place to go. We have been in business for the past twenty years and have been providing Birmingham residents and beyond with quality alterations and repairs on all types of garments.


Preserving your wedding dress after your big day is the perfect way to hold onto those memories and save it for the future. Whether you dream of passing the dress down to a daughter, granddaughter, niece, or family friend—or simply want to have it for your personal collection—keeping your dress is a time-honoured tradition. Properly preserving your wedding dress to maintain its fabric, shape, and colour requires experienced, professional assistance like the couture gown preservation services from Savoy Tailors & Dry Cleaning.

Birmingham’s Premier Dry Cleaning Service in Castle Bromwich

When you want your high quality and delicate clothing to last, you need the services of the professional, experienced Dry Cleaners of Savoy Tailors and dry Cleaners. Our accredited experts are masters in their craft who have years of knowledge and training regarding fabrics, chemicals, and proper cleaning techniques.

Key Cutting

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Why choosing Savoy Tailors and dry cleaners

True bespoke tailoring with the reliability which comes from experience: we really know our work.

About us

Our services

We make new bespoke garments or alter existing clothes and home textiles according to your exact requirements and to the deadline you set. See what we have to offer.

Our services

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Affordable, yet made to measure

Bespoke work need not be expensive. Check out our Price list.

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