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Preserving your wedding dress after your big day is the perfect way to hold onto those memories and save it for the future.

Preserving your wedding dress after your big day is the perfect way to hold onto those memories and save it for the future. Whether you dream of passing the dress down to a daughter, granddaughter, niece, or family friend—or simply want to have it for your personal collection—keeping your dress is a time-honoured tradition. Properly preserving your wedding dress to maintain its fabric, shape, and colour requires experienced, professional assistance like the couture gown preservation services from Savoy Tailors & Dry Cleaning.

Art of gown preservation

If you just hang your wedding gown in the closet or attic in the garment bag it came in, there’s little chance it will survive over time. With professional gown preservation from Savoy Tailors & Dry Cleaners, your wedding dress is hand-cleaned, hand-finished and carefully placed in an archival box that is acid and lignin free, and then finally protected with a cotton dust cover. The boxes we use are museum-quality and specifically designed for gown preservation, which means they meet conservation specialists’ specifications. When you bring us your gown for preservation, we carefully examine the material to see what type of embellishments it has and check for stains that require removal. While you can wait a little while after your wedding day to have your gown preserved, sooner is better because certain stains can set in over time.

Attention to details

A wedding gown is a significant investment, so when you decide to have it preserved, it’s important that the preservationist pay attention to details such as fabrics, how the gown is constructed, and embellishments such as pearls and crystals. Ask as many questions as necessary to give you peace of mind and reassure you that you’re leaving your dress with people who truly care about doing the highest quality preservation job. Savoy Tailors & Dry Cleaners is dedicated to customer satisfaction and our gown preservation services focus on giving your wedding gown the royal treatment before expertly boxing it up.

Cleaning procedures

The best cleaning procedure for your dress depends on the type of materials used to create it. Savoy Tailors & Dry Cleaners performs the cleaning by hand to remove stains and prevent damage to the fabric. We understand that while a wedding gown has to be durable enough to stand up to a ceremony and energetic reception, it requires gentle care to remove the evidence of your big day such as dirt and wine stains. Many of today’s gowns have intricate details such as mesh, pearls, crystals, and lace that won’t withstand normal wet or dry cleaning methods so it’s best to let our experts restore your dress to its original beauty before the final steps of preservation.

Proper packaging

Storage and packaging materials for your gown must be completely acid-free and clean to guarantee the life of your gown following the cleaning process. Our preservation specialists take the time to carefully wrap your gown in acid-free materials and place it in our archival quality boxes for safety and security. Wherever you end up storing your preserved gown, it’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight, heat, and moisture that can affect even the best packaging preparation. If you ever decide to open the box and examine your gown, make sure you handle it with cotton gloves or very clean hands to prevent damage or staining.

While you can preserve your gown on your own at home, there are numerous ways you can damage your wedding dress in the process. Make the safer investment by preserving your gown with Savoy Tailors & Dry Cleaners preservation services and gain the peace of mind that your dress will endure for generations.

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