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Dry Cleaning vs Laundry: What’s the Difference?

Having clean, polished clothing should be a “must have” not a “nice to have”. There are so many different situations in which the way you present yourself can make a difference between a positive interaction or a negative.

When you’re interviewing for a job, for example, you want to present yourself as a professional The appearance of your clothes is a part of that. 

Of course, stains happen. It’s unrealistic to expect that your favourite top or most professional outfit won’t get dirty at some point. That’s why having a good solution for cleaning clothes is important. 

Your two options are laundry and dry cleaner, but the two are very different. In order to care for your clothes properly, you need to know the difference between dry cleaning vs washing. 

Below, we’re explaining dry cleaning vs laundry, and why dry cleaning could be better. Read on to learn more!

1. Dry Cleaning Doesn’t Use Water

As the name implies, dry cleaning uses a process for cleaning clothes that doesn’t involve water. Instead of submerging your clothes in water with soap or detergent, the dry cleaning process uses clothing-safe chemicals to remove stains. 

Because of the difference in processes, when it comes to dry cleaning vs washing, dry cleaning is better for removing grease, oil, or other deep-set stains. Basic detergent may not always be able to get stains out of clothing, but dry cleaning can. 

2. Clothes Are Dried Using a Machine

Another difference between doing laundry and dry cleaning services is the way clothes are dried. In conventional laundry, water is removed from clothes as they spin and tumble around in the dryer. A special drying machine is used in dry cleaning. 

That is one of the best reasons why dry clean services can be better than traditional laundry. The traditional method of drying clothes can cause them to shrink or stretch out. Dry cleaning maintains the shape of your clothes so they always fit perfectly. 

3. High-Quality Fabrics Don’t Get Damaged

Certain high-quality fabrics like leather, silk, wool, or cashmere, can be significantly damaged when cleaning clothes with water. Cleaning clothes via dry cleaning can protect these delicate fabrics so that your highest-quality and most expensive Clothes last longer.

Dry cleaning clothes also reduce fading and preserves the colour of clothes better than laundry does. If you want to keep your clothes looking like new even long after you’ve bought them, then dry cleaning clothes is the way to go. 

Want to Learn More About Dry Cleaning vs Laundry? 

Clothing tags can be helpful for determining the recommended process for cleaning that particular item. But regardless of the recommendation, you can never go wrong by dry cleaning your clothes. 

The more you know about dry cleaning vs laundry, the easier it is to understand why dry cleaning is the better choice. It will protect your favorite clothes from shrinking or discoloration. And, because you’ll get more wear out of your favourite items, it will save you money in the long run. 

For more information about the benefits of dry cleaning, please contact us at any time. 

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