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Wedding Alterations...

Wedding Dresses + Bridesmaid Price From
Slim Hem £100
Standard Hem  £120
Layered Hem  £120
Ballgown Style  £140
Lace Hem £140
Plain Side Seams £90
Side Seams With Lace/Beadwork £100
Standard Shoulders (Taking Up) £40
Shoulders With Sleeve/Dart Adjustments £60
String Straps




Letting Out (Plain) £70
Letting Out (Laced/Beaded) £70
Taking In Over The Hip/Thigh (Plain) £70
Taking In Over The Hip/Thigh (Laced/Beaded) £70
Bust Pads £20
Bridal Belt £30
Larger Skirst With Multiple Bustles £20
Standard Train Bustle  £15
Changing/Adding Train Ribbon £10
Changing Zip Back To Corset Back  £130
Making New Back Panel £50
Standard Hem £35
Lyaered Hem £40
Standard Side Seams (Take In/Let Out) £40
Standard Shoulders (Taking Up) £30


Create and design your perfect wedding dress with Savoy Tailors of Birmingham!

At Savoy Tailors, we are experienced and professional dressmakers, therefore we offer high standard and comprehensive bridal tailoring and alterations to customers in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

We help you make your big day even more special!

We understand how important is your wedding day that's why we are here to help you create your dream wedding dress! Whether you've chosen a special design or not, picking the right wedding dress is essential as you want to feel comfortable and beautiful on your big day.

Alter, repair, restyle or have a garment made!

Enjoy complete, professional and high standard alterations and tailoring services! Our skillful and professional dressmakers will work on your bridal dress as long as it is necessary to make your dress perfect. We will work closely with you at all times to ensure that your ideas and requirements are carried out and we can assure you that we will deliver the highest quality tailoring and alteration services.

Our bridal services include:

• Wedding dress tailoring & alterations,
• Wedding gown tailoring & alterations, 
• Bridal dress tailoring & alterations, 
• Bridesmaid dress tailoring & alterations, 
• Mother of the bride tailoring & alterations, 
• Veils & headdresses tailoring & alterations.

If you are looking for professional, experienced tailors and dressmakers in Birmingham, look no further than Savoy Tailors! Get in touch with us today on 01212484007, 07411 307 546 or send us an email at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and schedule in a first consultation at your convenience.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Whether you prefer a simple yet effective wedding dress or something a little more intricate, including lace, beads or embellishments of any kind, not only can we alter your chosen wedding dress to fit perfectly, we can redesign and remodel any dress to complement your style.

We will listen carefully to your needs and work closely with you in order to alter the neckline, reshape the train, append sleeves, or add lace and embellishments where required. Once your dress has been perfected, you can walk down the aisle brimming with confidence because you know you look amazing from every conceivable angle.

Whether you’ve inherited your wedding dress, bought it in a department store or discovered it in a vintage boutique, if you need your dress remodelling, Savoy Tailors can help. Our expertise includes altering the sides, narrowing the shoulders, shortening or lengthening the dress, reshaping the neckline, replacing zips, general repairs and complete re-styles. We’re only happy with our work when you are. 

Wedding Dress Making

Your wedding dress is a focal point on your wedding day. Savoy Tailor’s highly experienced and fully qualified dressmakers offer a bespoke, made to measure wedding dress design service. Our handcrafted dresses are designed to complement your figure, reflect your personality and suit your individual style.

If you choose to have your wedding dress custom-made, you can be sure to be thrilled with the results. Don’t worry, creating your own garment is not as daunting as it may seem. Our dressmakers will guide you through choosing everything from the style and fabric to the colour, design, details and accessories.

With years of experience of wedding dress making for brides across Birmingham, we understand the personal journey you take when creating your own unique wedding dress. We are dedicated to collaborating with you to create a dress which epitomises your style, making sure you can look and feel your best throughout your wedding day. Using only the finest materials, our skilled dressmakers demonstrate stunning craftsmanship which is inspired by you. Cut to perfection and styled to flatter your shape, your wedding dress will be made to an exceedingly high standard. 

Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

Whether you’ve been asked to be bridesmaid or you are the bride and one of your best friends needs her dress altering, Savoy Tailors are leading experts in altering and restyling bridesmaid dresses.

It doesn’t matter whether a dress requires a small alteration, restyling or resizing, we can undertake any type of amendment to make any dress flatter the shape of your bridesmaid. Our dressmakers possess years of experience using both modern and traditional techniques to deliver results which are simply stunning. You can depend on us to make any type of alteration, from the lifting of a hem to the major modification of a dress in any fabric or design.

Having spent years working with intricate laces, premium fabrics and materials which prove difficult to alter, we have the experience required to make sure that your dresses are fitted to perfection. We can take in or let out the sides, narrow the shoulders, shorten or lengthen dresses and straps, reshape necklines, replace zips or even re-style an entire dress. Our involvement in your wedding only ends when you are entirely happy with your dress. 


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